Licensed Wedding Venues Advice

Licensed Wedding VenuesFrom quaint guest houses to lavish hotels, wherever you decided to get married, make sure the venues chosen have a wedding license if you plan to get married in England, Ireland or Wales.  When looking for the location to host your wedding, ensure your top choices are licensed wedding venues.

Licensed Wedding Venues! – What Is A Wedding Venue License?

The location you choose – whether a hotel, guesthouse or vineyard – needs to have the appropriate wedding venue license. A wedding venue license is a document that allows non-government buildings to hold civil ceremony and partnerships in England, Ireland and Wales.  If you’re dreaming of a wedding in the middle of the forest, or on the beach, Scotland is the answer.

Why Is It Important For A Venue To Have A Wedding License?

When applying for a wedding venue license, the venue has to meet specific safety requirements. The venue also has to submit a copy of the floor plan and its current Fire Risk Assessment. So for the safety of you and your guests, it’s important that your shortlisted wedding venue is safe!

Suitable Building For Licensing

looking at the roof of the building will tell you whether the venue is licensed. Only these types of structures will be deemed suitable for licensing. However, temporary marquees and similar non-permanent structures cannot be granted a license.



hotel-investment-weddingsImportant Licensed Wedding Venues’ Rules

To ensure that your wedding meets the standards of the license you must follow some rules:

The venue must be regularly available to the public for wedding ceremonies. If your chosen venue does not hold weddings regularly then it will not be granted a license.

The venue must be free of all religion. As a result of this the building you plan to get married in should not have been used and is currently not used for any religious purposes – this includes any building at the venue like chapels and vicarages.

Town councils have a few demands when it comes to the registrar – the official that will perform the wedding ceremony. You need to provide the registrar with fresh drinking water and suitable parking.

There needs to be one ‘responsible person’ or a representative of the venue (the venue coordinator) present during your marriage ceremony (and all weddings that take place at the venue). Ensure that you know who this person is as they need to be on hand an hour before the ceremony starts and must attend the entire ceremony.

How To Get A Wedding Venue License For An Outdoor Space

From beautiful garden weddings to beautiful beach weddings, there are many stunning outdoor locations to choose from. If you’re planning an outdoor celebration, you also need to license the outdoor area. To do this, you or the venue need to ensure that it contains a permanent structure for the couple to exchange their vows under – this could be in the forms of a permanent gazebo.

Most venues should already have a license if they regularly hosts weddings. If a venue does not have a wedding venue license, you might want to find a new venue as it probably does not meet the requirements needed to obtain one. For newly engaged couples, finding the perfect venue should be easy, but the first question when corresponding with a venue is, “Are you a licensed wedding venue?”

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