Getting The Most Affordable Wedding Venue Price

Getting The Most Affordable Wedding Venue PriceOne of the first big decisions that a newly engaged couple planning their wedding needs to make is choosing a wedding venue. Whether a farm in Yorkshire, hotel in London or library in Manchester, wedding venues and cheap are two things that don’t go hand-in-hand. But don’t give up on your dream wedding venue yet, there are ways to ensure you get the best price for the place you want. From changing your location to getting an all-inclusive package, this post will help you to get the cheapest, most affordable wedding venue price.

Make Sure The Wedding Venue Has A Wedding Licence

If you choose to get married in a venue that does not usually host weddings – your favorite restaurant or guest house – ensure that it has a wedding venue license. In England, Ireland, and Wales, the location you choose to get married needs to have the appropriate license. The wedding venue license allows non-government buildings to hold a civil ceremony. If a venue does not have a license, you might have to foot the bill for this which cost’s £1750.

Getting The Most Affordable Wedding Venue Price – Choose Your Destination Wisely

If you’re on the hunt for affordable wedding venues, look no further than a 45 minute to an hour drive outside of major cities. A London wedding costs an average £41,521 in comparison to the county of Yorkshire with an average price of £27,245. Over half of these wedding budgets go towards the wedding venue making a small town wedding so much more affordable.

Limit Your Guest List

By limiting or cutting wedding guest list immediately opens up smaller, more affordable wedding venue options. If you’re on a budget, limiting your guest list to under 50 people or lower may be hard, but it is crucial to saving money. Remember that the majority of your budget will be spent on the venue and feeding your guests so by minimizing the number of guests, you can reduce the amount of money you’ll pay. To help you cut down your wedding guest list, here are a few people that should not be invited:

  • Plus ones – Including plus ones is a luxury that not everyone can afford. A great rule of thumb is that if the person you want to invite (your cousin, siblings or friend) has not been dating their significant other for two years or are not married, then a plus one should not be included.
  •  Children – Even though children make for adorable photographs, a wedding should be for adults only. But it is entirely up to you.
  • Colleagues – Because you spend most of the day with them, doesn’t mean you need to invite them to your wedding. If you do decide to invite a few of your colleagues, then do so discreetly, so you don’t offend anyone.

Have a Morning Wedding – Getting The Most Affordable Wedding Venue Price

If a Saturday wedding is your only option, then have a morning wedding to cut costs. Even though an early rise may be tricky for the bride who needs to get ready, serving brunch or lunch at your wedding is cheaper than serving dinner. Most wedding venues which offer this morning option will only allow you to have the venue till 2 pm, so it has enough time to clean and set up for an evening event or wedding.

Getting The Most Affordable Wedding Venue PriceOpt For A Weekday Wedding

Saturdays are not the only day’s for weddings! Yes, it may be the most convenient day for you and your guests, but it is the most popular day for weddings making it the most expensive. To save money if your looking for wedding reception venues on a budget, opt for a weekday wedding. Most weddings venues will give you a discounted price for non-weekend days. Often this price is up to 50% lower than a Saturday wedding. Besides the excellent value for money, other benefits include the following:

  • An extended party – Weddings on a Wednesday or Thursday can extend the celebration into the weekend.
  • Vendor availability – Most vendors are booked up over the weekend but have more availability during the week. This means you will have more options for vendors.
  • No clashing with other events – Weekday wedding won’t clash with the big soccer match on Saturday afternoon or any other weddings to attend.

One Venue Vs. Two Venues – Getting The Most Affordable Wedding Venue Price

Why pay for two venues if you can only pay for one? Many wedding venues have the ability to host both the wedding ceremony and reception, so you’ll only have one location fee to pay instead of two. Ceremonies held at a church, inquire about its onsite hall that can be transformed into your reception venue. If you’re looking for cheap wedding reception venues on a budget ask if they have an onsite chapel or have an area licensed to perform a wedding ceremony.

Getting The Most Affordable Wedding Venue PriceGet An All-Inclusive Package

Quite a few venues offer all-inclusive wedding packages that cover more than just the venue fee. Most packages include:

  • Wedding coordinator
  • Set up for the ceremony
  • Staff
  • Cash bar
  • Venue hire (including furniture, tables, chairs, linen, glassware, crockery and cutlery)
  • Changing rooms for bride and groom
  • Decor
  • Food (if requested)
  • Cake (if requested)


All-inclusive packages often take the pressure off the bride and groom as they take care of everything. Additionally, the venue works with vendors that it knows, trusts and usually gets discounted rates from. Resulting in the bride and grooms money going further.

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