The Benefits Of Having A Hotel Wedding

best-wedding-investmentsWith plenty of hotel wedding venues across the country, finding the perfect hotel to host should be easy. Whether you’re looking for a venue to host multiple wedding-related events or a place where guests can stay after the celebration, hotels are the perfect pick to host a wedding.  Hotel wedding venues can offer you everything you’re looking for, at a great price. Here are the benefits of having a hotel wedding.

The Benefits Of Having A Hotel Wedding – Why Should You Have A Hotel Wedding?

You’ll Get More For Your Money

Weddings and affordability do not go hand-in-hand. Hiring a venue, caterers, photographers, furniture, and vehicles – the cost of a wedding can quickly add up. If you’re on a budget, hotel wedding’s might be a great way to get everything at the best price. Hotels often offer a discounted rate or packaged deal for weddings which include venue hire, accommodation, catering, furniture hire, on-hand wedding planner and so much more.

Perfect For Out-Of-Town Guests – The Benefits Of Having A Hotel Wedding

If you’re planning a destination wedding or have loads of guests attending, a beautiful hotel wedding is ideal. Booking a room block at a hotel may be your best option in keeping all your guests happy. Having everyone stay at the hotel where all of your wedding festivities will be super convenient for everyone and give them a sense of comfort – they can go to bed when they want, change their shoes or freshen up when needed. With all your guests staying at the hotel, the celebration does not have to end after the reception as you can invite guests to join you for brunch and bubbly the next day. A bonus is that you won’t need to worry about transportation or ensuring guests get anywhere on time.

Tip: If your guests are staying at the hotel where you’re wedding is happening, add a special turndown service. Leave a personalized note and a sweet treat – like chocolates, cupcakes or even donuts – in your guests’ rooms.

hotel-room-wedding-investmentsEverything Under One Roof

From rehearsal dinner to the marriage ceremony and reception, a hotel acts as the perfect headquarters to host a wedding. With all guests and festivities happening under one roof, you’ll have no logistical worries like transportation from the ceremony to the reception, or not having a wedding suite (or at least a room to get changed in). Hotel wedding venues are one-stop-shops for all your wedding needs.

The Benefits Of Having A Hotel Wedding – You’ll Have Venue Options

No matter the size of your guest list, hotels have multiple spaces at different sizes for you to choose from. Bigger hotels can accommodate events of any size which include wedding receptions. From booking a private room at the hotel’s restaurants for an intimate wedding to using the ballroom that houses hundreds of people, hotels honestly have spaces for every type of wedding. Additionally, you can use various spaces and facilities for other wedding-related events like your hen party in the hotel’s garden, pre-wedding cocktail party at the hotel bar or a post-wedding brunch at the hotel restaurant.

When viewing a potential hotel wedding venue, ask the venue coordinator how many guests can it accommodate. You can then look at your wedding festivities and how many guests are attending and allocate spaces accordingly. When looking at a hotel, ensure that you keep your vision for your wedding in mind. Do not get overwhelmed by the current setup of a room, the lighting or the decor of a space. Older hotel venues can seem outdated and stuffy.

Transform A Room With These Simple Hacks:

  • Put in new carpets – Most hotel spaces are designed with a specific style which often includes bold carpets. Ask the venue if you can put a new carpet on top of the existing one which can change the whole look of a room.
  • Rent additional furniture – If the hotel’s furniture is not to your taste, rent additional pieces to make the room yours. Adding a few beautiful pieces of furniture can change the look of a room.
  • Change the layout of the room – You’ve hired the space and not the layout of it, so change things around. Add a few visual elements or take something away to transform the room into your own.
  • Have great lighting – Great lighting makes everything look better. The right light can disguise what you hate and enhance what you love.

Access To The Hotel’s Facilities

From the spa for a pre-wedding facial to expert sound and lighting for your wedding reception, if you choose to have your wedding at a hotel, you’ll have access to all its facilities. Because hotels host weddings all the time, they will have an entire staff on-hand to assist you in pulling off your perfect day. A hotel wedding will become your one-stop-shop for everything you need including catering, linens, beauty services, and flowers. Additionally, you’ll also have access to the hotel staff – waiters, venue coordinator – who can ensure that your wedding and the services that go along with it run smoothly.

hotel-wedding-investmentsDelicious Dining for Your Reception

From making your wedding cake to preparing your perfect wedding menu, take full advantage of the hotel’s expert chefs. Ask about customizing your wedding menu or if the venue has a signature menu for weddings. Either way, this is much simpler than trying to organize your own caterers.

Hotels Have Wedding Licences

If the hotel has held a wedding before, it probably has a wedding license. A wedding license is needed for any civil ceremony held in England, Ireland and Wales, for the safety of your guests.

Hotel wedding may not seem like the most romantic thing, but if you look at what the benefits are, the convenience, cost-efficiency and comfort outweigh the disadvantages.

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