Why Wedding Packages Work For Most Couples

uk-wedding-packagesWhy Wedding Packages Work For Most Couples - There are no two ways about it, planning a wedding takes a lot of time and can be very stressful. Picking decor and dresses to choosing a venue and videographer, you’ll have to think about and make every single decision. Some couples thrive off this period of their lives making full use of their organizational skills, spreadsheets, and wedding planners. If you are not that type of couple who can juggle everyday living plus the additional pressure of wedding planning, then you should consider taking a look at all-inclusive wedding packages.

But what is a wedding package? Basically, an all-inclusive wedding package includes everything you can think of when it comes to your wedding ceremony and reception. From vendors and staff to furniture and catering, every single element of your wedding will be taken care of. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Well, that is not the only benefit of wedding packages, there are plenty more. Here are why wedding packages work for most couples and can work for you too.

Why Wedding Packages Work For Most Couples - No Pressure

Why Wedding Packages Work For Most Couples - As we mentioned above, wedding planning can be very stressful. You quickly get caught up, running around and taking care of small tasks that can be done by someone else. So finding a venue that offers an all-inclusive wedding package and does everything in-house takes off the pressure. Once you’ve decided on your package, you’ll not only have a place to get married but be assigned a wedding coordinator to take care of everything you've approved. This will immediately free up time for more important things you need to do - like getting yourself perfect before walking down the aisle and planning a super romantic honeymoon.

wedding-packageSaves Time & Money

Two of the most precious things during your wedding planning period is time and money. By choosing a wedding package, you can save time as you don’t need to research vendors. When it comes to money, a wedding package is usually more affordable. Everything from chairs to a DJ included in the price, as well as vendors at a better rate. Remember that wedding venues and hotels have their preferred set of vendors who are often willing to add in additional perks and reduce their prices.

If you’re on a budget, it is vital that you find cheap wedding packages. Avoid getting married in big cities like London where everything was so much more expensive and get married in smaller cities or towns like Bridlington, Harrogate or Saltaire. Smaller cities and towns usually have cheaper wedding vendors and quaint accommodation all packaged in one all-inclusive deal. You might need to do some research to find places that offer wedding packages.

One-Stop Shop

Unlike a few years back, today’s wedding venue packages offer a one-stop-shop for all your celebratory festivities. You’ll get the complete package including space for the ceremony and reception. Besides the actual venue, all-inclusive packages also include in-house catering, staff, event managers (wedding/venue coordinators), furniture, linen, cutlery, decor, and a cleanup crew. With weekend weddings being more popular than ever, some venues now also include accommodation, transport and additional spaces for the rehearsal dinner and post-wedding brunch in the wedding package is essentials.

Design Your Own Wedding - Why Wedding Packages Work For Most Couples

If you decide on an all-inclusive wedding package, you will get a wedding that you can’t tailor. Venues often have a variety of wedding package options which you can choose from. The determining factors for these options will be the number of guests, the add-ons like accommodation and videographers, and your budget. Some venues allow you to build your own package to include everything that you want.

The Wedding Planner

A huge benefit that all-inclusive packages come with is an in-house wedding planner! You’ll get a professional planner who will be making educated decisions on your behalf. They already have relationships with various vendors and knows the venue and spaces that will work for your wedding. Wedding planners also remain up to date with the latest trends and can include them into your all-inclusive wedding package.

wedding-package-ukAccess To The Best Caterers

One of the most time-consuming wedding planning activities is finding a caterer that suits your taste. But with a wedding package, you’ll have access to the venue’s catering which can be tailored to your liking. From champagne and canapés to a midnight snack and everything in between, the venue will take care of it all. Whether you opt for a venue that specializes in weddings or a hotel that offers wedding packages, you know that the food will be great as they do weddings all the time. Plus you’ll have full access to the onsite licensed bar.

Be sure to sit down with the chef for a tasting where you can decide on the best menu together. Take your time with the chef and pay attention to what you like and dislike. The quality of food and the presentation. It is also essential to ask the chef about accommodating everyone's dietary needs.

Why Wedding Packages Work For Most Couples - Backups Provided

One of the best things about all-inclusive wedding packages is that the venue will have backups for everything! Whether the weather conditions are horrible, there is a power outage, or there is a shortage of food, you can just sit back and relax as the venue will take care of it all! No matter what the unlikely situation, the wedding planner and staff will ensure that there is a backup plan that will swing into action when things don’t go as planned.

No Hidden Costs

Everything has a price, but not everything needs to have a hidden cost. Without a wedding package, you may end up with various hidden cost bills from the multiple vendors you are using. Wedding packages are usually very clear on costs as everything is generally laid out and agreed upon in the initial booking stages.

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